Faillite des cadres africains9782296061453r BackHolou R.A.Y., 2008. La faillite des cadres et intellectuels africains. Editions l’Harmattan. Collection Points de vue. Paris, France. 332p. ISBN 978-2-296-06145-3. 

Abstract: Since the era of slavery and colonialism, African intellectuals have been thinking about ways to develop themselves and their continent, but they have not found a definitive solution to their misery yet. It is imperative to reflect on the roots of the evils and problems affecting these intellectuals, then enlighten people and nations so that positive reforms can be undertaken to advance the Africans and better equip/empower them to meet their developmental challenges. After thoroughly reviewing how foreign powers weakens and seek to control Africa, this book analyzes the real problems and solutions of the African intellectuals, the main resource that needs to be unleashed to sustainably develop Africa from within.